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From here you can manage the CVs you’ve submitted, create Job Alerts to stay up to date with the latest vacancies, earn €500 by referring us to a new client, read up on how our Referral Rewards System works and claim a Referral Reward if someone you referred or submitted has been hired.

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Job Alerts

Help Us Grow

Help us Grow

We’re pretty proud of the service which provides. It’s a quicker, cheaper alternative to recruitment agencies and it rewards the real experts in the market. If you know someone who is looking to hire a technology or security professional, click the button below to spread the word to a potential new client. If they hire through us, we’ll send you €500.


Claim a Reward

Claim a Referral Reward

If you referred someone for a vacancy on and they got the job, you need to claim your reward! Hit ‘Referral Fee’ and fill out the details.

If you’ve submitted your own CV for a position on and have been hired by that company, you can claim your €500 sign-on bonus by clicking ‘Sign On Bonus’.



Reward Methods

Referral Methods


The ‘Traditional’. To earn the referral reward listed on the site, submit the CV of someone you know for a job, having discussed the role with them and received permission to share their details.

You can submit your friend for a job by clicking ‘Submit CV’ on the job posting and selecting ‘A friend’s CV’ option.


Another way to earn the referral reward listed on the site is to visit the job listing and click ‘Share Referral Link’. Enter your friend’s contact details and your personalized message, being careful not to delete the link to the job.

They’ll receive an email explaining that you (John Smith) recommended them for the position, and a link to the description.


We understand that sometimes you might know the perfect person for the job but don’t want them to know it was you who referred them.

The final way to earn a referral reward is to visit the job posting, click ‘Share Referral Link’, enter their email address and select ‘Send Anonymously’. They’ll receive an email explaining that a Go Refer member has recommended them for a job, and a link to the description.