For Employers

Why Go Refer?

Our community of technology and security experts work in the industry themselves, so understand the unique skills required for specific jobs. Having been part of the sector for a long time, their collective contact network is also extensive, meaning that they are able to refer top quality candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

The power of these referrals is huge.

People pay twice as much attention to recommendations from friends. An impressive 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know, vs 37% of people that trust search engine ads, and 24% of people that trust online banner ads. This means a higher engagement level of your applicants.

Go Refer allows you to reach security and technology professionals that can’t be found elsewhere by monetizing the referral process. This means you will uncover candidates who are perfect for your jobs, but might not have been actively looking for a move and seeing your job advertised themselves.

This both improves the quality of candidates you receive and reduces your time to hire.

How much does it cost?

Advertising on is free, and we work on a success only basis. This means that you can post a job, review CVs and interview candidates for free. A fee is only due if you then decide to hire ones of those candidates – in which case we charge a flat rate of 8% of the candidate’s base salary.

How do I post a job?

If you’re interested in posting a job on please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirement. They’ll ask for a copy of the job description and a 20 minute call with the hiring manager before the job description can be shared with our members.

Will I receive my applications directly?

No. The Go Refer team will screen the applications and create a shortlist of candidates who we think are right for the job.

Why do you make your own job descriptions?

We understand the importance of having a clear and engaging job description. We’ll combine the information you send us with our hiring manager briefing call to create specs which really help our members understand exactly what candidate you’re looking for.

Will my vacancy be advertised publicly?

No, your vacancy will only be visible to Go Refer Members and the candidates which they invite to apply for the position.

I have an internal recruitment team, why use Go Refer?

Many of our clients have a team of internal recruiters who use job boards, LinkedIn and advertising to attract candidates. Go Refer should be used in combination with these existing talent sourcing initiatives. We are able to provide a better depth and breadth of qualified applicants by transforming the market into an extension of your recruiting team. You only incur a fee if you hire someone through us, so advertising and browsing applications is completely free.

For Members

Why Go Refer?

Become part of the Go Refer community and as well as getting access to exclusive jobs, you’ll have the opportunity to be paid for recommending people you know for vacancies advertised on

For years, recruitment agents have charged thousands of pounds for putting their network in touch with their clients. We think there’s a better way of doing it.

We provide a platform which connects hiring managers directly with the technology professionals who actually understand the jobs posted and have the contact network to fill the positions.

By removing the middle man the cost of hiring is reduced, and those savings are passed on to our members in the form of financial rewards.

How do I join Go Refer?

Membership is by invitation only, but if you work in technology or security you are encouraged to request an invitation for on our home page.

How do I earn money through

If you are a member and know someone who would be a good fit for a position, there are three ways to earn a reward.

To earn the full reward listed on the site, submit the CV of your friend directly having discussed the role with them and received permission to share their details. You can submit them for a job by clicking ‘Submit CV’ and selecting ‘A friend’s CV’ option.

To earn 3/4 of the reward listed on the site, visit the job posting, click ‘Refer a Friend’ or share privately via the Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, LinkedIn Mail, SMS or Skype icons. Enter their contact details and your personalized message. They’ll complete the application from there but you’ll still be rewarded as the referrer.

We understand that sometimes you will know the right person for the job but don’t want them to know it was you who referred them. To earn 1/2 of the reward listed on the site, visit the job posting, click ‘Refer a Friend’, enter their contact details and select ‘Send Anonymously’.

Can I refer more than one person for the job?

Absolutely. If you know more than one person who is right for the job, get referring!

What if I want the job myself?

If you think you’re the right person for the position, feel free to apply directly.

Someone I referred got hired. What happens now?

That’s great! Go to the Referral Centre and hit ‘Referral Fee’. Fill out the details about who you referred – we’ll confirm the hire and start processing your fee.

Is my membership anonymous?

Absolutely. Companies will only receive information about you if you actively send your CV to them through the site. Companies do not have access to our member database. If you submit a friend’s CV, only their profile that will be shared with the client, not yours.

For Candidates

Why Go Refer?

Go Refer is completely free of recruitment agents. This means that when you apply for a job you’ll know what salary the employer is looking to pay for their new employee. Absolute transparency and no middle man dictating your terms. Recruiting as it should be.

If you’ve been referred to our site, it’s because one of your network thinks that you’re a great fit for one of our jobs. Follow the link you received to be submitted for the position.

I’ve been hired! How do I claim my €500 bonus?

Congratulations! If you’ve applied for a position through Go Refer and got the job, go to your candidate dashboard and hit ‘Sign on bonus’. We’ll confirm the details with your new employer and start processing your welcome bonus right away.