Hire Smart

 Go Refer gives you access to the top security talent in the marketplace, but at half the time and cost of a recruitment agency

Our cyber experts will reach out to their network, leveraging their connections and technical knowledge to bring you the best candidates


How it Works


Submit a vacancy and decide what reward you would like to attach to the position. Our team will review your description


Our members will reach out to their security networks and invite appropriate candidates to apply for the position, based on their skills


Our Account Managers will review the CVs, conduct initial interviews and select the top candidates based on your requirements. 


You will receive a shortlist of the best applicants, and your dedicated account manager will help schedule interviews with your chosen candidates


With a selection of excellent candidates to choose from, hire your new employee and we'll donate part of your fee to charity. 

Top security talent, sourced by real experts, at half the price of a recruitment agency.

Why use Go Refer?

Improve your time to hire

With Go Refer you'll have thousands of security professionals actively recruiting on your behalf, providing you with excellent candidates as soon as possible.



Increase candidate quality

Your security candidates will be identified and sourced by experts working directly in the sector, not external recruitment agents.

Our internal account managers will also screen all applications, to ensure you only receive the best profiles for your vacancy. 

Reduce your costs

We charge half the price of a recruitment agency, reducing your average cost of hire. 

There are no up-front fees, so if you'll only have to pay if you hire one of our candidates and are happy with them. 



          Go Refer Members

  • Review job descriptions on Go Refer platform
  • Fully understand specification and skills required
  • Use Big Data, Architecture, IT, Cloud and Security expertise
  • Consult their networks of active and passive candidates
  • Leverage international reach
  • Promote your role within their professional circle
  • Approach relevant candidates they know
  • Discuss the role with the individual
  • Gauge suitability based on understanding of technology
  • Submit CV’s through Go Refer platform
  • Apply for roles themselves if they are a good match
  • Get rewarded if the candidate they submitted is hired

         Go Refer Account Managers

  • Manage recruitment process
  • Take vacancy briefing from client
  • Create clear job descriptions
  • Screen CVs submitted by Go Refer Members
  • Create shortlist
  • Schedule interviews
  • Provide candidate feedback
  • Negotiate salary
  • Communicate offer
  • Advise candidate
  • Close contracts
  • Assist on-boarding

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